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Pacific Mental Health, LLC.

5108 196th St SW Ste 350 Lynnwood, WA 98036

HR, Billing & Credentialing  Contact Information: 

RxDx Medical Billing & Credentialing, LLC.  | | (425) 361-2273         

In-House Accounting & Tax Services, LLC.  | | (425) 697-3674   

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Welcome to PACMH Team!

If you are new to the team, a company email will be assigned to you. And soon after that, a company Google Drive folder will be dedicated to you where you will be saving and sharing log sheets with us. If you have not been assigned a company email and a company folder, please contact Mercedes at Mercedes will be sending you the invitation to the shared Google Drive and will assist if you need training.


In your google drive folder, you will find a daily log sheet template. You must use that log sheet each day that you have an appointments with clients and/or supervising clinicians (for supervisors only). If you did not find the template, send an email to


Important Information regarding payroll:

Payroll Schedule

  • The payroll period covers the past two weeks and the pay schedule is every other week. Admin Staff and Supervisors are scheduled to get paid on every other Thursday, while clinicians are scheduled every other Friday.

  • Your logsheets/timesheets are due Monday of the payroll week, no exception. ​​

    • Example: Your logsheets/timesheets MUST be in your GoogleDrive by end of the day on January 9th, 2023 to make it to January 12th and 13th paycheck.​

  • Any missing logsheets/timesheets in the shared folder on the due date will be included in your next pay. 


​​Log Sheets

  • You will be submitting a daily log sheet on each day that you are working. Log sheets should contain the names of clients you saw that day and the codes that we will be using for insurance billing. 

  • Also include in your log sheets all late cancellations or non-show patients. Late cancellation is less than 24 hrs before their scheduled appointment.

  • We will also use these log sheets to process your payroll. Failure to submit log sheets on time may delay your pay.

  • You MUST turn in your log sheets by the end of the day. If for some reason you cannot turn in your log sheet on time (i.e., due to sickness or technical issues), make sure that they are turned in by end of Monday of the week you are getting paid. 

  • Any log sheets submitted late will be paid on the next scheduled pay date.

  • You are responsible for making sure that your log sheets are in your shared Google Drive.

Shared Google Drive

  • ​Saving your daily log sheet in the shared Google Drive is how you turn-in your daily log sheets.

  • Make a copy of the log sheet template every time you create a new log sheet.
  • Your log sheet file name must include your last name and date of service (i.e., Smith040422 for April 4th, 2022).

  • Once we processed your log sheet, we will then move it to a payroll subfolder that we will create. Once we moved your log sheet, you SHOULD NOT edit the log sheet anymore.

  • If you have correction/s or addition/s to a log sheet that we already moved/processed, you MUST let us know. We will give you directions at that point depending on what the circumstances are.


Please let us know if you have any question. We usually reply to emails within 24 hours unless it is urgent. 

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