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Pacific Mental Health, LLC.

5108 196th St SW Ste 350 Lynnwood, WA 98036

HR, Billing & Credentialing  Contact Information: 

RxDx Medical Billing & Credentialing, LLC.  | | (425) 361-2273         

In-House Accounting & Tax Services, LLC.  | | (425) 697-3674   

 Payroll Forms 
|     Employees Benefits   

New Hire Forms / Change of Information

Events that require to fill-up these forms are:

- You are a new employee

- You ae changing your name

- You are changing your tax filing status

- You are adding or removing a dependents

- You want to elect additional federal withholding tax

- You want to change your address

- You are changing or adding a second bank account for direct deposit

Copies of your paystubs and W2 will be available via Workforce by Intuit. An invitation to create an account will be emailed to your personal email before your first paycheck. You will have 72 hours to activate the invitation. If you did not receive the email invitation and/or if your invitation expired, email

After completing the New Hire Forms, securely upload them at: (Watch short tutorial here)

***  Make sure to email to verify that we received your forms successfully. ***


New Hire Form Packets                                      Download Payroll Forms for Changes

​  - Download New Hire Forms for Therapist                         - W4 only (change of address, names, tax filing status)

  - Download New Hire Forms for Admin Staff                     - Direct Deposit Form (to change bank account)



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