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Pacific Mental Health, LLC.

5108 196th St SW Ste 350 Lynnwood, WA 98036

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|   Paid Time off (PTO)   |


an Optional Program in lieu of PAID SICK LEAVE POLICY


Washington State Laws requirement of implementing Paid Sick Leave (see Reference 1)

“At a minimum, employees must be provided one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked. You must provide paid sick leave to all your employees regardless of full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal status.” Reference 2

How is it calculated? 1 hour per 40 hours worked is prorated at .025 minutes per 1 hour worked.


Example: Total accumulated PTO after the 4th pay period = 307.5 minutes or 5.125 hours


Total hours work per pay period                        Hours worked/logged                         Minutes earned per hours worked

1st 2-weeks pay period                                               40                                       60 minutes or 1 hour

2nd 2-weeks pay period                                             30                                        45 minutes or ¾ of an hour

3rd 2-weeks pay period                                              60                                       90 minutes or 1.5 hrs

4th 2-weeks pay period                                              75                                       112.5 minutes or 1 hr and 52 minutes


PACMH adopted the optional program, PAID TIME OFF (PTO) Reference 3.


PACMH policy will be using the following guidelines:

1. Earning PTO hours – earning hours will be calculated as explained above; .025 minutes per 1 hour worked.


2. Using available PTO hours – maybe used anytime during the current calendar year.

  • PTO hours can be used for being sick, taking a vacation and/or for any personal reason by the employee.
  • Requirements for using PTO hours – just emailing payroll administrator about when to plan to use it is the ONLY requirement. No advance notification and no prior approval is needed.

  • ONLY the available PTO hours will be paid even if an employee will be gone for more than the total earned/accrued hours.


3 Limit on how much an employee can earn within a calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31)

  • There will be no limitation on how much one can earn during the current calendar year, however,


4. There is a maximum of 40 hours one can carry over to the following years. (Reference 4, example 1)

  • An employee can carry over no more than 40 hours to the following year.

  • If an employee has earned more than 40 hours during the current year, they have the options to either use some of the hours and/or cash it through payroll and/or donate it to their coworkers.

Limited Exceptions (from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024):


Because this is the first year that PACMH is implemented this ruling, this exception is ONLY given to employees who have been with the company in prior years and who have currently earned more than 40 hrs.

  1. These employees have already been identified and notified at the time of the policy implementation.

  2. These employees are allowed to carry over no more than 60 hours in 2024 and will end on December 31, 2024.

  3. A maximum of 40 hours to carry over in 2025 will be implemented.

  4. Earned hours may be used or cashed or donated anytime.


CONTACTS for questions and request:

Natalia or Jeanette:



Reference 1:

Reference 2:

Reference 3:

Reference 4:

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