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Pacific Mental Health, LLC.

5108 196th St SW Ste 350 Lynnwood, WA 98036

HR, Billing & Credentialing  Contact Information: 

RxDx Medical Billing & Credentialing, LLC.  | | (425) 361-2273         

In-House Accounting & Tax Services, LLC.  | | (425) 697-3674   

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PACMH partnered with RxDx Medical Billing & Credentialing to oversee their medical insurance claims and paneling. Likewise, with In-House Accounting & Tax Services to manage their employees' payroll and benefits. 


We prefer that you email us first or refer to your clients through email rather than calling to ensure a faster response. For us to address your email promptly, please take note of the following contact information based on the subject matter.

Click the link above for forms and additional information. After completion of all the forms, you may securely upload them to this link: (click here for the short tutorial)

Make sure to email us after you upload your documents at to verify that we received your documents.

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