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Pacific Mental Health, LLC.

5108 196th St SW Ste 350 Lynnwood, WA 98036

HR, Billing & Credentialing  Contact Information: 

RxDx Medical Billing & Credentialing, LLC.  | | (425) 361-2273         

In-House Accounting & Tax Services, LLC.  | | (425) 697-3674   

 Employees Benefits   |

OPEN ENROLLMENT for eligible employees

As a commitment to their employees, Pacific Mental Health has generously been providing employee benefits that includes health insurance, 401K, and flexible spending account. 

Minimum requirement to qualify for benefits:

  • Must be a current active employee of PACMH

  • Must have been working with PACMH for at least 60 days (including internship days)

  • Must be working an average of 25 hours or 25 clients a week. 



  • the company is paying 65% of the medical and dental insurance premiums for employees

  • the remaining 35% of the premiums will be deducted from employees’ paychecks

  • employees may enroll dependents; 100% of dependents’ premiums are paid by employees through payroll deductions


Health Insurance Benefit Information from Regence

Enrollment/Change Forms (change of address, names, enroll/remove a family member)

Waiver Form

401K PLAN with Capital Group under Safe Harbor Contribution Plan

  • 100% matching contribution on all Salary Deferrals up to 4% of compensation

  • fully vested in just 3 years

  • rollover contributions any time

More information about retirement plan benefits

Enrollment Forms

Waiver Form



  • $25.00 a month matching contribution

  • maybe use for any medical out-pocket-expenses or dependent care expenses

  • may also use for your dependents medical and dependent care expenses

More information about FSA benefits

Enrollment Form

Claim Form


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